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Huatian offers more than 400 numbers ignition coils to the aftermarket, including new generation high energy coil-on-plugs. Our coils match the OE fits, forms and function in all categories and are good choice of your replacement. Our coils cover American cars, European cars, Japanese cars, and Korean cars. Our coils are made strictly upon the TS16949 quality control system.

  • Manufactured with the fine components, our coils give your vehicle a precisely performance and a long service life under all operating conditions.
  • Neodymium in the core creates the strong magnetic field and produces high voltage output at all speeds.
  • High dielectric epoxy injected into the case and pulled into a vacuum to eliminate air pockets and prevent moisture intrusion or thermal breakdown.
  • Tested 400 hours at 125℃ for product durability
  • Thermal-shock tested to endure real-world climate conditions
  • Bobbin designed to hold magnetic wire in precise location for long-term durability
  • Made of High dielectic and impact resistant material , the housing ensures long life in operating conditions.

Voltage (V): 12 Volt

Connector Gender: Female

Number Of Terminals: 3

Terminal Gender: Male

Terminal Type: Blade

Type: Ignition Coil


Make Model Engine Year
Chrysler Daytona L4 2.5L 93-91
Chrysler Dynasty L4 2.5L 93-92
Chrysler Lebaron L4 2.5L 94-91
Dodge B150 V6 3.9L 94-91
Dodge B150 V8 5.2L 94-92
Dodge B1500 V6 3.9L 97-95
Dodge B1500 V8 5.2L 98-95
Dodge B250 V6 3.9L 94-91
Dodge B250 V8 5.2L 94-92
Dodge B250 V8 5.9L 94-92
Dodge B2500 V6 3.9L 97-95
Dodge B2500 V8 5.2L 97-95
Dodge B2500 V8 5.9L 97-95
Dodge B350 V8 5.2L 94-92
Dodge B350 V8 5.9L 94-92
Dodge B3500 V8 5.2L 97-95
Dodge B3500 V8 5.9L 97-95
Dodge Caravan L4 2.5L 95-91
Dodge D150 V6 3.9L 93-91
Dodge D150 V8 5.2L 93-92
Dodge D150 V8 5.9L 1993
Dodge D250 V6 3.9L 93-91
Dodge D250 V8 5.2L 93-92
Dodge D250 V8 5.9L 93-92
Dodge D350 V8 5.9L 93-92
Dodge Dakota L4 2.5L 97-93
Dodge Dakota V6 3.9L 97-91
Dodge Dakota V8 5.2L 1990
Dodge Dakota V8 5.2L 97-92
Dodge Daytona L4 2.5L 93-91
Dodge Dynasty L4 2.5L 93-91
Dodge RAM 1500 V6 3.9L 97-94
Dodge RAM 1500 V8 5.2L 97-94
Dodge RAM 1500 V8 5.9L 97-94
Dodge RAM 2500 L6  5.9L 1997
Dodge RAM 2500 V8 5.2L 96-94
Dodge RAM 2500 V8 5.9L 97-94
Dodge RAM 3500 V8 5.9L 97-94
Dodge RAM 4000 V8 5.9L 2001
Dodge Ramcharger ALL 96-95
Dodge Ramcharger V8 5.2L 93-92
Dodge Ramcharger V8 5.9L 93-92
Dodge Shadow L4 2.2L 94-91
Dodge Shadow L4 2.5L 94-91
Dodge Spirit L4 2.5L 95-91
Dodge W150 V6 3.9L 93-91
Dodge W150 V8 5.2L 93-92
Dodge W150 V8 5.9L 1993
Dodge W250 V8 5.2L 93-92
Dodge W250 V8 5.9L 93-92
Jeep Cherokee L4 2.5L 97-91
Jeep Cherokee L6 4.0L 97-91
Jeep Comanche L4 2.5L 92-91
Jeep Comanche L6 4.0L 92-91
Jeep Grand Cherokee L6 4.0L 97-93
Jeep Grand Cherokee V8 5.2L 97-93
Jeep Grand Wagoneer V8 5.2L 1993
Jeep TJ L4 2.5L 1997
Jeep TJ L6 4.0L 1997
Jeep Wrangler L4 2.5L 1997
Jeep Wrangler L4 2.5L 95-91
Jeep Wrangler L6 4.0L 1997
Jeep Wrangler L6 4.0L 95-91
Plymouth Acclaim L4 2.5L 95-91
Plymouth Sundance L4 2.2L 94-91
Plymouth Sundance L4 2.5L 94-91
Plymouth Voyager L4 2.5L 95-91


Ignition Coil

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